Sunday, July 17, 2005


I've just done a Blue Pyramid quiz. This is the Take The Country quiz -sounds just like me. And I can't remember which blog I found it on so I can't at the moment give credit where credit is due. Sorry! Off to do another quiz! I love them!

You're Fiji!

As calm, relaxed, and removed from life as they come, you're just so
chilled out, it hurts people to see you. Everyone aspires to be where you are, but
most of them just can't put their stress away. Little do they know that even you
sometimes have inner turmoil and struggles! For the most part, though, it's sun and
fun for you, and that's the way you like it. It's just sort of hard to get things
done with all that partying.

the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

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  1. I don't think I'll do any, I might find out something I don't like!

    Hi Valeri, thanks for calling by. My blogs are Smockery, Smockery - The UFOs and Smockery Fridays. If the links in the sidebar don't work (they did when I tried them) go to 'View my complete profile' and you can click on the list of blogs at the bottom.

    I do like your blog, there is always something interesting on it!