Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Disperse dyeing

I had a class this morning in disperse dyeing and I had forgotten quite how much fun it is. What is so wonderful about this process is that the dyes last for ever as do the coloured papers. I was able to print out using a hot iron a pattern that I had created in 2003! It was a fun morning! I can think of all kinds of ways of using the fabric produced. I don't have any pictures and I 'm too lazy to go and take any pictures but I will eventually just not tonight. My feet are aching from all the walking I did over the weekend and I'm still not recovered. In fact I have felt really tired all day. Too much excitement going away and now its all anti climax. It will take me a few days to get back into the swing of things and my normal routine. I am a creature of habit and find that if I don't have a plan each day then I don't get very much done.

Talking of dyeing I need to have a mammoth dyeing session. I am so low on stock since doing the show. However it will have to wait until the weekend as the day job gets in the way of doing much. I can use the mornings to dye small amounts but not a gigantic dye. I am so tired and talking, or more accurately, writing about this dye marathon is making me feel even tireder! Its the Cornish air! And I've only been away for five days!

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