Friday, July 22, 2005

Dear Diary!

I find I am treating this more and more like a diary. Making sure that I record my progress work wise and keep up to the mark with the creative flow. All this and I was never a diary person. And now I find I am seeing it as an aide memoire to the things I want to do in the day. So while eating my porage I'm thinking of what I'd like to accomplish today. Whether I do or not will have to wait until tonight to take a count! I have noticed other bloggers give themselves to do lists. It is a good thing to get into the habit of doing. I've been doing it for years in notebooks and to my shame I came across one such notebook from last year and saw that a lot of the to do items hadn't ever been done. Well so they couldn't have been very important is what my other self says! As a Gemini I find that the two of me's have different goals! (grin)

1. Finally get to the Bank!
2. Cut out next block.
3. Sew next block.
4. Cut out fabric for 'Perfect Bag' (gift for friend)
5. Sew 'Perfect Bag'
6. Put in nail above stairs (trying hard not to commit hari kari) and hang Cherries wall hanging.

So if I'm never heard from again its because I fell into the stair well while trying to hammer in nail while leaning precariously over while standing on the linen chest on the landing. There must be an easier way! But it isn't asking Martin who would immediately have three reasons as to why this isn't the place to hang it!

Just to note that the clock is accurate again this morning! C'est curieux!

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  1. Oooh, Valeri! Hope you don't fall into the stair well. Sounds frightening. Think I might hide under the desk until I know you're safe.