Saturday, July 30, 2005

So early!

Its so early on a Saturday morning and I'm sitting at the computer eating my porage and reading my emails. I'm glad that my 'to me' dull life isn't dull to others. And Pam and Francis don't think I'm depressed because of my comments. Just because life is dull doesn't change the exuberancy of my persona. You can't keep a good Gemini down. I just put on another hat as my daughter says. Its the lack of time to do the things I really want to do and to be able to potter that is coralling (is this a word?)the exciting things in my life. I do feel a great sense of achievement that I am getting the necessary things done and being so disciplined. Today is going to be a lazy for me day. I'm not dyeing - the world will stop!! LOL I'm not going into town with Sue because she is in Minorca. She was going to Turkey but decided discretion was the better part of valour. So I have all day to please myself. I'm going to make a postcard .....or two or three. I'm starting off with postcards rather than ATC's as they are slightly bigger. I'll work down. Frances I'll post when done and you can see what you think. You may change your mind about doing a swap. Wry grin!

So today's list is:
1. Sit quietly and stitch my Tumbling Blocks and reflect on ideas for PC's
2. Enjoy lunch with Martin and my Mum
3. Make a PC or two or three or maybe even four. (I don't know how long these babies will take to make!)
4. Read a book...something simple!
5. Final rinse for my dyed threads and ribbons, and then dry.
6. Take photos.
7. Up date website.

Well some of that may run into Sunday but hey, that's a free day too! Well we will see how much I can get done. The sun is shining. I have to go and tame the Russian Vine so it doesn't encroach into my neighbours garden. It has already covered most of the dead hawthorne tree it is rambling over. It is so invasive but so lovely when in flower. Should have put that on my list to do first. What with eating the porage and mulling over the various comments and reading the post I have taken over an hour to get to this point! This is why not a lot gets done because time slips away.

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