Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday, monday!

This was a good Monday morning as I got the block from yesterday finished and cut out all the wadding and backing and zapped it all together with my Quilt-tak gun ready for quilting. So I now just have 3 blocks to do. One is tumbling blocks, another storm at sea and the last a vase of flowers using insets and diamonds. None of them are my particular favourites but at least working in 16" size I'm not dealing with fiddly little pieces.

Today the brochure for the Adult Education classes arrived. It is a disappointment this year as there is no blurb about the content of the classes just the day and time. I was pleased to see that my telephone number had been included under my name. At least prospective students will be able to phone me to discuss the class and I can sell it to them over the phone. This is one reason I want to get this quilt done ahead of time as I'm hoping one of our local habidashery stores will display for a week with some info about the classes. Well this is our ONLY haberdashery shop and she needs my students as much as I do! So I'm beavering away at the quilt even though it isn't highly exciting. Well the quilt is exciting and I love the way its going to look but the actual working on it isn't what I want to be doing at the moment.

Tomorrow is my last private class for the summer. The schools have broken up and no one has a lot of time now. I am going to be really busy for this month. For starters I have 10 people coming to lunch on the 14th. This may not sound a lot if you have a reasonable sized house but in my rabbit hutch this is going to be a LOT! The picture at left shows my dining table! But it will be fun. Six adults and four teenagers! I'm just hoping the weather will be kind and I can do a buffet type lunch and we will eat in the garden. I shall do buffet food anyway but if it rains there might be those who have to sit on the floor! This is my French friend and her children and husband plus my friend Sue and her daughter and husband. They have all known me for years and I feel comfortable with them and they with me so I'm not going to go into a decline over it and wonder what on earth possessed me to do this. Well actually I probably am as the time gets nearer! No my Gemini spirit will come to the fore and it will be a great day. Lots of food and drink and after a while no one will notice that there arn't enough chairs or a big enough table!

Went into the attic earlier today to see if I could find some things and came across my missing photo albums. So I shall put some photos up in a minute! Be warned!

And we are running 14 minutes slow which isn't as bad as yesterday!


  1. Valeri. been away for a few days so missed commmenting on your yummy inspirational dyeings from sat ( wow these are truely beautiful) I love strong colours you used :O)
    I love ALL colours actually ''they call to my soul'':O))

    Are these done on the so called Pole method? Although for the life of me I cannot find on web how to try this idea.

    Will we get a chance to see a scan of your storm at sea ''PLEASE''

    Ok off to play soon :O) not going to waste too much time on
    Your Blogg diary has made me realise how much playtime I am missing!!!!

    May do some layering/bonding today. Bought 3 books in spring time and have not played yet ( what a waste of time..almost criminal???)

  2. Hi Pam

    No these weren't done by pole wrapping - shibori. Just ordinary dyeing. And the Storm at Sea block has yet to be started but when its finally done I'll post a picture.

  3. thanks valeri for that tip ( out with the dyes!!)

  4. Our local adult education brochure only has titles of courses and locations now too. You have to go online to get the full details. Must be the way they're going. And there don't seem to be as many textile-related courses as usual either... Sigh...

  5. Helston Cornwall Adult education has dropped every textile course this year ( what on earth's happening?)