Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not very exciting!

My life isn't very exciting! Each day is much the same as the one before and the one after will be on the same lines too! I get up; I try to spend the morning being creative and then I go to work for the whole of the afternoon. Then when I come home I'm tired and don't feel like doing an awful lot. So I get dinner and then read my email and write up the blog and then its time for bed! Well actually in there is a glass of wine and reading of a book also. You notice there is no mention of the H word! Well that's because it doesn't exist here. Occasionally I'll sneak up on it and do a bit and at the weekend's I'll blitz the kitchen and bathroom but otherwise its a non starter. I mean what's the point. Do it once and it'll only need doing again within a month or so! I just keep it down and under control without qualifying for the pest officer to check me out!

Today I dyed silk ribbon and threads. I needed some colours urgently so decided to do a whole new set! They are sitting rinsing out now. They are fairly basic colours as I didn't have time, it being a weekday, to play with variegations etc. Some of the threads look really yummy though! It was so quick and simple. I just mixed the dyes using 1/8 tsp dye per colour. I use primaries and mix all the other colours. Add about 4fl oz water. Just enough to cover the threads and ribbons. About 50+ metres in each pot altogether. I put the soda ash into each pot and then dunked the wet threads etc into the pot and left for an hour. Then I rinsed and filled each pot with clean cold water and put the threads etc back. I'll keep doing this for a while until I've either got some time or they need to be done. Then I'll wash in hot soapy water. And rinse and put into hot water in pots. And I'll replace the hot with cold and keep on replacing until it runs clear. Takes until tomorrow! One last wash out in hot soapy water, rinse in cold, roll in towel to get moisture out and then dry on rack. And all of this done at my kitchen sink! The worst part of all this is skeining the threads and ribbons in the first place. I don't dye masses of thread/ribbon. Not nearly as much as I do fabric. I have more fun dyeing fabric!
And thank you to Linda who sorted out my clock problem. This was so simple that I feel quite stupid for not working it out! But then some things challenge me big time!


  1. Well, ummm, ask me how I know. That clock had me caught for a while too! Glad it no longer frustrates you. :)

  2. you have some firey threads there,
    glad the clock it sorted,

  3. Great threads! I tried dyeing some yarn for my sister, but despite making it into a large tied loop, I had such a horrible time untangling it I gave up. How do you untangle them? And do they come out with variegations or are they solid colors?