Sunday, July 10, 2005

Thanks Linda!

Thank you Linda for the input. However this has red flowers and I've not seen a Salvia like this before. Its the ten foot bit that is unusual. I must research Salvias to see if there is any info on size. Anyway I've chopped it down to a manageable height and just in case its comfrey I'll stick the leaves into water to make a liquid compost. Can't do any harm and might be good. I'm now all hot and sticky having tidied up the back wall and got rid of Columbine, which I love for its flowers but hate its twining habit, and blackberry stems. So now there is just the ivy, honeysuckle and campanula actually growing on the wall itself. This is an old Cornish wall made of granite blocks infilled with soil and about four foot thick. When they built houses on the field behind us we put up a fence on top of the wall to divide it and maintain our privacy. Martin put netting over the wall and the climbers are gradually covering it so it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.

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