Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Late, too late!

Well its nearly time to go to bed and I feel exhausted. My arm hurts, my foot hurts and I just want to sleep for eternity! This is what shopping at night in Asda does to one. Its the descent into mindless self inflicted torture. Oh, how I hate shopping! And its not just the trekking round the aisles trying to concentrate on the list and find exactly what is wanted -half of which Asda in its infinite wisdom doesn't stock. In fact if I find a product I like you can bet your bottom dollar they will stop stocking it. Its the kiss of death to like something! And then the marathon race at the checkout! Though I've given up caring whether I hold up one or twenty one people behind me. I can go no faster and I won't be stressed. At least I pay with cash and not have to write a cheque. Mind you paying with cash can mean that £5o or so is all in 50p's which have to be religiously counted! Should be grateful I don't bring the bags of 20p's! And then having managed to escape there is the awful vision of putting it all away once home is reached. Trying to make space in the freezer and fridge. When I was first married I went to the grocers in our small town. Sat on a chair and handed over my list. They ran around fetching things and making suggestions as to things they had in stock and just chatting. And at the end of it all the bill was never more than £3! And they delivered if wanted. Oh where have those days gone! And I'm not that ancient! (photo of me when first married)

Oh well having had a good moan I'm off to bed! Another day tomorrow!

The time is out by only 7 minutes!


  1. Sainsburys deliver free if you order between Tuesday and Thursday... brilliant! I'm so glad they do .. you should see how much my three boys eat these days!

  2. I write my list out in groupings as you find them the store. First produce, then HBA (health and beauty), then dry goods, etc. It helps me to get through faster. The lines at the military comissary are really bad so I get there when they open and dash through. 30 minutes from front door to out at the most (often 20 minutes!). I have better things to do with my time! Shall I come and shop for you? ;-)

  3. Oh please do Lisa! :-) I do make a list and I do organise it aisle by aisle but it still is a hassle. And I did have Tesco's deliver Liz but all too often there were substitutes or things not there so I gave up. I need a maid! :-)