Friday, July 22, 2005

End of the day!

So how much of the list got done? Not a lot! I did go to the bank and was fortunatel enough to find a parking space immediately and not too far away. In fact I was early and the bank wasn't yet open so I bought some groceries and Danish pastries and then did the banking. I was home before 9.30! Had a quick visit with my Mum who lives down the road and was home by 10.00 All ready to start on the rest of the list when my daughter rang. A problem! So by the time I had finished helping her it was 11.00. Already my morning has been eroded! So I didn't get the blocks cut out, let alone sewn. I did sort the fabric for the bag and I embroidered two pieces. This took until 12.30 as I hadn't realised that one of the digitised designs I'd chosen was going to take over 30 minutes to stitch out. I didn't have time to try hanging the 'Cherries' wall hanging so you can come out from under your desk Emily as I'm still safe and sound! In fact in the interests of safety I think I'll wait until there is someone else here as well! So then I had my lunch, changed my clothes and by 1.10 after faffing about with bits and pieces of things to do I was ready to go to work! Which is no doubt why the lists of yore also rarely got done. Erosion, that's what I suffer from, erosion! How I ever get any orders out I don't know!

This evening though I have achieved a lot. Being on my own as Martin works Friday nights, I decided to get an early start on the dyeing, particularly as I wanted to lay out lengths of fabric on the dining room table to dye/paint. To put your minds at rest gentle reader as they would say in Victorian books of days gone by, I first put a plastic sheet over the table and then on top of this a sheet of acrylic which used to be a fridge/freezer door cover. Waste not, want not being my motto and it comes in very handy now for all sorts of things. I am really pleased with this session though I think I might have been a bit mean with the dye and have a lighter in places look than was intended. Have to wait until it comes out of the washing machine. I've gone for stripes; well that was the objective but what I will get could be something different. So this evening has been good and productive!

Found another UFO that I must think about bringing into the light of day. This one is a crazy

patchwork landscape that I started a few years back. It is already for the embellishment but for some reason I never started it. I put layers of net over the sky and parts of the land to soften it. The small strip of sea is a satin which has a gleam to it as if light is shining on it. I rather think I intended this to be a night scene with moonlight and shadows, and fancied using silver threads to be reflections and highlights. It is really quite nice as it is and if framed would look interesting. I might just machine stitch it over a batting to give a quilted look and turn it into a picture. The more I look at it the more I like it. It is time for it to hang on the wall and become important!

And interestingly the clock is now nearly an hour out! So has the world been turning extra quickly and I haven't noticed? Help, stop the world I want to get off!

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  1. Valeri, this UFO is truely stunning to look at, I had to comment ( love it so very much ) Fabrics to die for!!!
    seeing your work is so helpful for a new girl at CQ like me to get ideas how to combine colours/layers ''THANK YOU'' Certainly you are a real master of colours for sure.
    I can see I shall have to make sure my clocks are all wrong time LOL! surely then I can get more play hours in a day??