Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh the Annoyance of it!

Have just discovered that the book I bought from Amazon was an 'e' book! So now I have to print out 376 pages and I've found that they will only print Landscape way on or else I get a small amount of writing in the middle of each page! It is meant for A5 paper but I don't have enough and at that size the print is so small I'd need a magnifying glass! Wish I hadn't bothered now! And will it print out before I have to leave for work? Or will I only have half a book done! So far I'm only on Chapter 3 and there are 23 altogether! Oh what a pain! And I was so looking forward to having something to read. Anyone seeing the size of the typeface will think I have a real problem with my eyesight! If its printed 50 pages in 20 minutes how long will it take to print 376? Hmm. Maths was never my strong point.............but I know it is going to take longer than I have. Oh rats!


  1. How sad! I hope the book is worth it! I'll have to be careful about that myself.

    Love your newest piece. Made any decisions yet?

  2. this ( and it is late and I'm getting tired ) I found to be very funny..I am sure you did and do not but reading the saga of the e-book...was probably better than the book you bought ...maybe you could send your version to amazon!! AND "cherries" turned out completely different from how I is wonderful... I had a "whole nother" vision!! Ginger