Thursday, July 21, 2005

Read it!

Well I finally got the book printed out - with printing on both sides was 188 pages and took forever. I continued when I got back from work at 5.30 and it wasn't finished until nearly 9.oo! But it was a good book and once into it I found it exciting enough that it held my attention. It was much on the same lines as books by Phyllis Whitney and Isabelle Holland. So not deep! It wasn't quite the same as reading a real book and I felt a bit freaky reading this big print but hey, it did make it easy for someone who needs reading glasses! But I don't think I'll be doing any more of this e book thing as I like the feel of a book in my hand. And I like to read books over and over again ...with a few years in between of course. I have nearly all the Erle Stanley Gardner collection and even when re-reading I don't remember the plot. Martin says this is because I haven't read it thoroughly the first time. He might have a point there as I do tend to speed read! I can't imagine a world without books. I like to escape into another place and leave this life of mine behind for a while. I learnt to read when I was 3 and I've been reading ever since. I must have about 2000 books fiction and non-fiction. And I keep getting rid of them in a clearing frenzy for fear the weight of them will bring the ceilings down! And still they multiply! I could probably start a library! Have just read the Woman in White by Wilkie Collins and wanted to re-read the Moonstone only to remember that my daughter borrowed it and then had the bag it was in stolen! Things like this are irritating!

I have to make a comment about the time. When I looked this morning it was spot on. Earlier this evening it was five minutes slow and now it is half an hour slow. Why? Tomorrow morning it will be spot on again. What happens to it in the afternoon? Does the world speed up and leave it behind? Only to slow down when I'm in bed and not watching it? Who knows!

Well its back to the UFO's. Having been happily free machining away I might actually continue with this one as I'm in the mood for this kind of stitching. The base painting wasn't marvellous but I hoped I could transform it with stitchery. Perhaps I can!

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  1. I like this landscape you're working on. I'm a bookaholic too - we've probably got the same number. People usually gasp when they come into our house...