Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Looking for inspiration!

Having got my wall hanging out of my system I am looking for inspiration for another work in similar vein. I've been searching my photos to see what I've taken that might inspire me and I came across these wonderful pictures of Martin having a bonfire at night. Well it started off in late afternoon. I was fascinated by the shapes I got from the fire but they were even more amazing at night. Like something primitive. Isn't it strange how men love having bonfires! And bbq's! Must be something about fire that gets to them. I've only got to suggest having a burning and Martin is out there. I have to say he is very good at having fires!
I'm sure I can get something from these images and the colours are so me. Those deep oranges and golds with blacks and browns. Such lovely shapes! The picture taken in the dark really inspires me!
I want to do some more fusing as this technique really impresses me. I've done fused applique in the past but then used satin stitch to anchor it down and lovely as that is it doesn't have the free form effect. This time I want to keep the piece very clean and sharp. So no net or fancy threads. Just fantastic fabric and lots of stitching. I shall do some preliminary sketches and work on it.
We've just had dinner as Martin was under the car until it got dark. I was very brave and made an avocado salad. I like avocado but the last time I ate it I was violently ill. So I am hoping that it wasn't the avocado that made me sick or else I could be in for a rough night! Time will tell!
And yes! The clock is dead on time! So what's gone wrong?


  1. I love this photo, can't wait to see what you do with it,

  2. Great fire photo, can't wait to see what you make inspired by it. And defintely on men and the fire thing, was just camping with my husband and a friend, they both built up enormous fires, and debated pouring gas on it, yikes!

  3. pam, porthoustock10:33 pm, July 29, 2005

    Wow this scan of evening fire is great ( to my own imaginative mind)it relates very much to the Cathedral art work you did.
    I can see ''spirit'' same as cathedral!!
    I can see appliqued/ embroidered angels lurking in the cathedral all sparkly and ethreal......oh my mind just races away :O)