Friday, July 29, 2005

Even less exciting!

I use too many exclamation marks! See! I can't help myself. No doubt its due to my rather dull existence and therefore things have to be expressed in a surprised, raised eyebrows kind of way. Today was a dull day only relieved by knowing that it is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday. This is such a relief as the week was turning out to be too long. Looking back over it I seem to have achieved a fair amount but none of it was mind bogglingly exciting. Next week I am going to have a blitz on my wardrobe and get rid of most of it. It has extended into two suitcases and a box so obviously I am not wearing everything I've got. Also I have to lose some weight as there might be garments in there that I would wear if I could. Whatever this could be quite exciting. Watch this space!

Today I cut out the last three blocks for the sampler quilt so the Storm at Sea block is all ready to go Pam. It looks very fiddly so may not finished in the blink of an eyelid. At the moment I am working on the Tumbling Blocks one because it is a hand one being done over papers in the English tradition. Not paper piecing a la Americana where it means what we call Foundation pieceing. This is not a technique I'm crazy for but lots of people like doing it so I include it every other year when I've forgotten how much I don't like it. I refuse to do hexagons! I have to say that I am pleased and amazed that I just got all 15 blocks out of the material I had dyed. At 16" block size that was a lot of pieces and I hadn't really done any scientific measuring but it all worked out and I have a few scraps left. I have to dye some yellow for the sashing and some navy for the border. Now it is starting to come together it is beginning to look quite eyecatching.

I am pieceing a crazy patchwork table runner which I will also use as a work piece in my Autumn classes. These are beginning to fill up quite well and I am hopeful of full classes. I need a table runner and it is easy to turn it into a wall hanging if table runners aren't quite your thing. The other work I will offer will be an applique quilt. This will cover all sorts and give a fair amount of choice.

I am going to watch What's New Pussycat which is a film I love and takes me back to my youth. It has come out on DVD and so I am able at last to see it as we neither have television or a video player. One goes with the other and as I have no time for TV it means I don't get video either. But DVD's are brilliant anyway and there are more and more of them around. I haven't had a TV now for over 15 years and I have to say that I haven't missed it! Nor has Martin in case you think I'm depriving him!

I have no pictures so you will have to go without unless I turn something up in the archives. I'll try and have an exciting weekend so I'll have more to write about. I'm hoping Lisa of Procrastinator fame is going to run a bloggers postcard swap. Just thinking about it is making me happy. I'm so easily pleased! It will force me to make some! I want to make some. I really, really do but so far I just haven't energised myself to do so.


  1. Your existence doesn't sound dull to me at all! I can only dream of having your creative talent.

    Wow, 15 years without a TV! (oops, I'm using too many exclamation marks too) We have got a TV but for the last year it's been in a room without access to the aerial. It started out as a bit of an experiment (I'd planned on getting an aerial booster whatsamit), but I was amazed at how easily I adapted - and it freed up so much time! Bit awkward at work though when my colleagues start talking about stuff they've been watching on telly...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Emily and congratulations on your good news! Way to go! See lots more exclamation marks! LOL

  3. pam, porthoustock10:12 pm, July 29, 2005

    Hi Valeri,
    Oh I hate to hear your spirits down like this :O( I think we all go into these black holes now and again. your spirit is strong and so full of fun ( cant keep a good woman down).....
    Its Sat tomorrow ''yippee'' out day with friend Sue I believe? also dyeing day for you, soon be up again :O)Bet you will produce some more stunning work tomorrow as always.

    I had your class details come this morning shall book in Mon for friday morning's if there's room for me.
    I even twisted DH to buy me a new sewing machine!!! dont ask what I had to do for this lol???
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. oh dear Valeri you are putting yourself down, your 'non' exciting life is interesting to others as my 'non' exciting life seems to be, for everyone each day seems the same and I am sure you wouldn't want the kind of excitment London is getting this month, look at your glass as half full rather than half empty,

    I think my computer and connection to the internet is one of my best moves and like you I do not have a TV so enjoy DVD's but I bought some last year which I still have not seen because I'm doing other things, I like the radio too,

    I joined Jackie's first postcard swap nearly two years ago now, doesn't time fly, and throughly enjoyed it, it was wonderful getting these goodies through the post and my local post people were intrigued by my unusual postcards, the group came from that first swap, I would recommend joining and doing a swap to really get you a lift, I do not know who the members are now but exchanges are good for the creative soul,
    as I have never made an ATC untill I made those ones a few weeks ago I have joined an ATC swap, it is exciting sending little peices of work around the world and receiving same back,
    want to do a postcard exchange with me? I won't be offend if you ignore or refuse,
    my didn't I write a lot for a sat morning,

  5. No my spirits arn't down Pam and Francis but thank you for your good thoughts. You can't keep a good Gemini down! Just that I haven't felt that I've been able to achieve the things I want to do because of lack of time and the need to concentrate on necessities. So although life has been mundane doesn't mean I've been unhappy with it. And I'd like to take a rain check on the postcards Francis if I may. Thank you.