Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Productive Day!

I had a very productive day today having made three blocks for my sampler quilt for next term's lessons. These three were all curved blocks and I used the CurveMaster foot that I had been able finally to fit onto my Bernina. It worked very well though it is a flimsy thing. I'm used to the solid Bernina feet! It did speed up the sewing of curved blocks and I'm pleased I've got it. The blocks look very plain at the moment as they haven't been quilted. I'm going to use the quilt as you go technique as this enables me to introduce quilting into the lessons early on and does mean that students won't have to struggle with large quilts under their machines. This year I am doing 16" blocks as I want a large quilt. I have a plethora of lap quilts. But I will also have an option to do 12" blocks for those who want a smaller quilt. I was pleased with the colours. This year they are blues, greens, pink and yellow. The photo isn't brilliant as I had no where to hang the block and had to throw it over the back of the futon in my overflow room (meant to be spare bedroom!). The yellow looks a bit incongruous but won't when in place as there is more yellow in the other blocks.

Year before last I went for oranges, blues and limes. I do like bright! This was also a quilt as you go quilt. It didn't go together quite as I'd planned as I muddled up the placement when I was sewing the blocks together. And by the time I noticed this it was too late! I certainly wasn't going to take it all apart. It is actually a quillow and spends most of its time as an extra cushion.
I'm always amazed at the different results that a class of twelve students can achieve using the same block patterns. The different choice of colours and fabrics makes so much difference. I find these sampler quilts fun to do with a class as they learn so much in such a short time. I try to include as many techniques as possible from curved piecing to applique and quick methods where possible. I am always quite touched at the end of term when a student says how much she has enjoyed the year and how much she has learnt. One student went on to say that someone she knew taking classes in another part of the UK had only done a few blocks and very few techniques. So I felt I was on the right track! Well I ought to be ......I've been teaching for nearly 40 years! Big grin!

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  1. That quilt is just gorgeous. I love those colours.