Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Triffid plant! Is it Comfrey?

Another lovely day! What have we done to deserve two gorgeous days in a row! I'm going to spend some time in the garden getting it a little bit more organised but before I go and chop down the Triffid aka Comfrey (I think!) I thought I'd take some pictures and see if any of you herbalists out there have a clue as to what it is. It is about ten foot now! And all the books I've read say Comfrey grows to four foot. So is this a sport? Its in a shady place under trees which I gather comfrey likes. It is taking over which I know comfrey does from when I grew some on the farm but never as tall as this and different coloured flowers. I'm going to mulch the leaves of the bits I cut down as if it is comfrey it makes a wonderful feed for other plants when soaked in water. And also it is right in front of my rhodedendron and blocking its light so it will have to come down in height anyway! Well off to bring some much needed order into to my 'get on with it on your own' garden.


  1. Definitely not the Comfrey I grow, more like a Salvia - one of the many blue ones.

    I think you will find this has a mint-type flower and square stems, which are the givaways for Salvia.

    My Comfrey is a ground hugger and has bell-like flowers.

  2. I should have added - if you search Google for Comfrey, and then choose the images option, you will see heaps of pictures of Comfrey with the bell-like flower.

    I did think for a minute this was Bog Salvia, which has that intense blue flower, but the leaves are not quite right.

    Linda @ Chloe (I pushed the wrong button last time)