Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wet, cold and miserable!

Its raining! And its cold! If I had a gas fire I would have lit it! I need to curl up in a big armchair and read a book in front of a fire. Well I can do two out of those three things and I will later. It has been one of those days where nothing grabs the attention. I went into town this morning as I do most Saturdays and had a good time with my friend Sue. I found a really bright pink pair of trousers which I will wear at home but may not have the courage to wear outside where I might be seen. I love them! Pink is my most favourite colour, especially this hot fuchsia pink. We were didn't rain on us but when I got home it poured. I can't think of anything I want to do! Poor pitiful me. I am feeling so sorry for myself!

I dyed fabric last night and I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms by not dyeing today. I usually dye on a Saturday afternoon and I think this is the problem. I am really pleased with the pieces I dyed. They have turned out to be sugar almonds colours. Not too pale but that sugary soft look of sugared almonds. Certainly not as wishy washy as I expected them to be. In fact I like them even though they are not the brights I usually dye. These are half metre lengths and there is a lot of tonal changes down the length of the fabric. Some are stripey and some not so stripey but all have interesting changes in the colours. I shall do this again but try and find a longer board to work on. My acrylic piece is only 5ft and I need something 6ft or even 7ft long.

This one on the left is reminiscent of sea on a summer's day or of a Monet pond. The one on the right is like a sunset with very faint tones of aqua in amongst the pink and the yellow. They need to be looked at sideways on!
These photos just don't show the colours as I would like. I think it is because being such a grey day I had to take them indoors with a flash. And also to get the whole piece in I was some way from the fabric. Whatever it wasn't the best photo session. Another reason to feel low!
I didn't make a list today as I knew I wouldn't do any of the things on it. Later I might go and muse in the workroom and that hopefully will cheer me up. Especially if I look into boxes and pull things out from underneath the cupboards. Who knows I might find treasures! I had three photos on the page but one has disappeared. If it turns up it is of the last piece where I used up all the oddments of dye. A real mixture but again in sugared almond colours.
And the time is now half an hour off!


  1. Loads of possibilities in these pieces, glad you found the lost one! Here in Eastbourne, its warm and the sun cmae out for a lovely evening - I think some of your rain is forecast for us tomorrow, the garden certainly needs it. Wouldn't it be nice if it only rained every night between 12 and 6?

  2. Lovely pieces... especially the one you lost.

    Here, it's HOT... up near 100F... about 15 degrees warmer than normal. I'm staying inside and trying not to melt.

    (sending you some of our heat)...

  3. I love seeing your dyed fabrics, Valeri. It inspires me to do some more. Maybe in a week's time when the kids are off to camp... It promised rain here too yesterday but we got it today instead - absolutely chucked it down. The sun's out now though.