Sunday, July 10, 2005

Other people's blogs!

I've just been working my way through the lists of other people's blogs on Artful Quilters and Bloggers who Embellish. I find it annoying; do I mean annoying or would irritating be a better word? Probably. Anyway I find it irritating that day after day I will go and look at a blog I like either because of the content or the way it is written only to find that nothing has been added for days. I wish there was some way I could know when people update their blogs. It would make life so much simpler. And my other pet peeve is when I find a blog I like and then can't find any information on who is writing it. Their name or where they come from etc. I wonder why people write blogs? I write a blog because I actually like to write. Babble I suppose would be nearer the mark. And it keeps me on my toes as I have to feel that I am achieving something however little. In fact if I don't write something everyday I feel as if I've cheated. I was never much good at keeping a diary but this is so much easier. It is cathartic in a way. It makes me look twice at what I've done, what I'm doing and what I plan to do and enables me to clear out loads of mental junk. I'm a Gemini so I am constantly changing my vision and writing my thoughts down makes them clearer. I am doing this for me. But on the other hand I appreciate any input from others as then I get another perspective to view things from.

I was practising taking pictures of work behind glass today as I don't want to have to dismantle framed work when I need to use pieces for illustrations. This is one of the pieces. Its entitled Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness and is a dyed and hand painted piece of cloth with machine and hand embroidery and lots of beads. A lot of couching as I'm into couching. One of the problems was in not getting the reflected flash. The other was in getting close enough and not getting a self portrait reflection. I think this just about passes muster.


  1. Oh Dear, it is me again, but I am quite sure of myself this time.

    A lot of us use bloglines -

    You just subscribe to the blogs you are interested in, and read them via bloglines. When you go to your page at bloglines all you are interested in that have been updated appear in bold, so you click on them, click on the name of the blog again on the right, and read the updated blog.

    I have got about 35 in my subs, and only about 15 get regularly updated, but it makes it so much easier.

  2. well besides the fact that you have...always ...great art and art experiments.. you are enjoyable to read ...AND you update is for these reasons I check your blog everyday...I should comment more because everyday there is something wonderful on your blog that I would not have had in my life without you!!! Ginger ps I have been meaning to try bloglines too

  3. Valeri, sorry about the missing heels. They are kitten heels about 3". Forget that, your new pieces is so wonderful...feels as if I could get lost in it.

  4. As well as bloglines there are programmes you can download and use like a browser - I use one called Awasu. There are a few blogs it won't let me subscribe to for some reason but in general it is fine, particularly for Blogger ones.

  5. I use Blogarithm
    which sends an email every morning listing the urls of all the blogs that have been updated.

  6. I love "Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness" and you did a great job on the photo.

    Plus I just have to mention that I ADORE the purple couch in your "about me" photo. My house would be full of colors like that for walls and furniture if it didn't make my hubby insane.

  7. I am a fan of also. I started using it about a month ago and it really speeds up my blog reading. I'm following about 30 - 35 right now and it really speeds things up!


  8. I use bloglines too. Sometimes I find the updates before they appear, but not often.

    Valeri, I know what you mean about people not filling in their profile - I like to know about them too, even if it is only a little. Some people put nothing on their profile page at all, just use it to point to their domain/website, usually to sell something. This does not seem, to me, to be in the spirit of using a super free facility like blogger, but I suppose you can do anything you like on the internet. Also, I think some people use their blog as a personal journal just for them, and don't want to share it with others and that's fine too.

    I really love to see the design process that led up to a piece of work , Liz at Dreaming Spirals is good at that, and the step by step pictures that Pam at Kitty and Me and Linda at Chloe's Place put up of their blocks, and Arlee's leaf tutorials, among many others. Sharon B at In a minute ago and Arlee at Albedo Design often raise interesting points to think about and Sharon B has almost published a whole book on crazy quilting!

    I love reading all these blogs, and I find more everyday, its hard to ration the amount of time I spend! I think eventually I'll have to designate a 'blog hour' and stick to it!