Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Sun, The Sun!

Glorious day here. Hot and still with a clear blue sky. We haven't had very many of these so I hope it stays like this tomorrow. I might even get out into the garden to do some much needed tidying up. I have to watch the Russian Vine like a vigilante. They don't call it the Mile a Minute vine for nothing. It is forever trying to bridge the gap and get into my neighbours garden and that would be bad!

I've come to the conclusion that I am basically lazy. Give me any excuse to do nothing and I take it even though I know I have a hundred and one things waiting to be finished/started! My motivation all seems to have gone to pot! I must admit I get more done on wet, cold or cloudy days. The only thing I do with any constancy is dye! I've got a lovely batch going at the moment. Sixty pieces of mixed blues and yellows. I decided to only work with those two colours today and see what I could get with mixing. I've got some gorgeous teals and emeralds plus some good khakis and sage greens. I like khaki for offsetting brights. Just a tad of this rather boring colour and it immediately makes everything else seem illuminated. Actually this isn't a true khaki as it has a hint more grungy green than khaki has but its good for what I want. And I've been playing with a mustard yellow which is a dye I haven't used before and this makes wonderful greyed out greens and browns. Don't ask me how it became brown with no red in the palette it just happened. I think because it isn't a pure colour. In fact I know because it isn't a pure colour. And some to dye for spring greens from my buttercup yellow dye with royal. When I'm dyeing I feel like an alchemist, ...... but so far one hasn't appeared! Sorry's the heat! :-)

I'm going to take a picture of my landscape hanging with confetti trees. I loved doing this piece and finding the right dyed fabrics for the background. There was no plan just kinda grew! The method for doing the trunks was great fun and I've used it a lot. So simple too. This piece is quite old. At least ten years if not more but it goes well on my bedroom wall and although it isn't the best thing I've ever done I like it!

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