Sunday, July 24, 2005

New day! New beginning!

It rained all night and its raining still! But its not dark and gloomy but fresh and cheerful rain. So a good day to start a detox diet. Ten days to a new me - clean inside and out! Well the motivation is there and the fridge has all the right stuff in it so let me at it!

These are my plans for the morning. I'm not going to be so rash as to say for the day as once Martin is up and about that will be a whole new ball game. But I got up early and having finished my very good for me porage and read my emails and looked at Bloglines - I have to give a very big thank you to all who recommended this as it is great - I am now ready to start work. But if I give myself this list there is every hope that I might do something rather than wander around aimlessly picking up this and putting down that in the hopes that inspiration will strike. I might even make a postcard. I must be the only person in creation who hasn't made either a postcard or an ATC ever/at all! But first the list:

1. Make block that is cut out and by machine waiting.
2. Cut out fabric for another block. (paper templates are done)
3. Do some work on landscape picture that is started.

I think that is enough as I only have three or four hours to myself. So, ready, steady, START!

And just to say that the time is now exact! I'm bemused!

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