Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another hot day!

It has been another hot day and I feel limp and bedraggled like old lettuce that has been left to wilt! I have just struggled round Asda having decided a few months ago to do my shopping at night. The only thing I can say about this experience is that it was cool and it enabled me to buy a bottle of wine so that I can sit in the cool of the evening with the stars starting to come out and feel relaxed! Actually the thing I really loathe about food shopping is the having to put it away afterwards. I just don't have enough room and it is a major job trying to cram everything into the fridge. But I won't waste time by shopping more than once a week! Life's too short.

I finally managed to iron all the dyed fabric I produced at the weekend. Some really yummy pieces. I will photograph them tomorrow and will then make a page for them on my website for selling. I sell at £1.50 a FQ plus p & p which I think is very reasonable! Perhaps I ought to put the price up! This is 100% mercerised cotton poplin and is lovely stuff. What do others sell their dyed cotton for? It would be interesting to know.

Again it has been a day for inertia and not a lot on the sewing front got done. I wrote up notes for a bit more of my book. The clock is starting to tick and I am aware that it will be September before I know it! As a child day's seemed long and carefree, now they go in a blink of an eyelid. Why is that? What has changed? Is it the responsibilities of life?

I found a fascinating site today while trolling the net. It is all about vintage sewing and has instructions, diagrams, etc for re-creating fashions of yesteryear. The URL is: http://www.vintagesewing.info/index.html
Its a fascinating look at how fashions were constructed at the beginning of the last century.

I have made a rod for my back with this blog as I am getting compulsive about writing in it daily. It is good for me as it makes me evaluate each day so that I am painfully aware of how much time I am wasting! Time is precious! But then on the other hand is it wasted? Just because I don't have a lot of physical stuff to show for it the amount of thought and contemplation must count for something! I'll convince myself it does!

Thank you again one and all for the introduction to Bloglines. I have finally sussed this and it has made my life so much easier. I shall now feel able to add blogs to it without thinking of the amount of reading to do as it will tell me about updates and save me time. I shall go and see what I can drag out of the archives pictorially! Well I did the spell check on pictorially and it seemed to think it was fine but it looks peculiar to me!

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