Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lack of motivation

Well I'm suffering from a decided lack of motivation. And yet on the other hand I really want to get into my workroom and sew something...anything! I wonder if anyone else ever gets this really dead feeling. Perhaps its anti-climax from being home again. Hopefully it will pass as I need to be getting on with things. I have to organise myself and work or the autumn will be here before I know it! But really all I want to do is read a book!

Had a couple of German tourists turn up on the doorstep today having got my address off my website. Told them I was only a mail order outfit but invited them in anyway to have a look at the fabric I had left. Didn't have anything else to show them as I'd sold out of nearly everything at the show and with going to London hadn't had time to replenish anything. However they bought nearly all the fabric which was good for me but meant that I am now committed to a huge dyeing event at the weekend. So that made the day seem more cheerful! Its amazing how making money can immediately make one feel good! They came at the right time too, as an hour later I'd have been leaving for work!

In the five days I've been away the garden has run riot. My Russian Vine is going mad....all over everything. I've just spent time hacking it away from the fence so that it doesn't take over my neighbours garden as well. I want it to cover a dead tree trunk as it looks really lovely when the white flowers are out. Like snow in summer. And the Comfrey is now well on its way to ten foot. This is the Triffid to beat all Triffids! I shall have to chop it down and put the chopped down bits in water as they make an admirable compost and liquid feed for the garden. Hopefully the chopped down base will then grow up again. Comfrey is amazing stuff and really good for fractures and sprains. I have a thriving herb garden though I do notice that my Chamomile isn't growing as vigourously this year. Could be the lack of sun. The excess of rain is making everything very lush! Well everything but the Chamomile.


  1. Sorry Val about lack of motivation for you, I find sometimes we just need time to sit and ''stare'' or read..sort of re-charge our batteries after a visit away from home!
    Next comes a great big surge of ideas/creativity ( so hang in tight lol!)
    I must congratulate you on such a beautiful grand-daughter she is a real beauty, bet you love her to bits.

  2. Thanks Pam! I now feel I can read without guilt! :-)