Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Beautiful day!

I've just had a wonderful meal outside on the patio in the cooling sun of the evening. That plus a glass of wine was most relaxing and also there was a nice breeze off the sea so not too hot. It was good to be able to sit down and let the world go by. My husband cooked the meal which made it even more relaxing. There was a bumble bee out late collecting pollen on the strawberry flowers and I thought what a fascinating subject for a stripey piece of work using velvets and organza. In fact I got quite carried away working out in my head how I would tackle such a piece. I will collect all the fabrics together and put them in a design folder with a short brief as to ideas to date and then when I need something to do I can make a start on it. I don't need to tell you that I have several of these design idea files and those who've been reading along for a while will know that I have no shortage of things to do so the liklihood of this getting onto the burner in the near future is low. However I do find that I eventually get to do the good stuff so all is not lost.

I had a disappointing photo session with my fabric. For a start there was a slight breeze which meant my original plan of hanging stuff on the line was a non-starter. Then when I downloaded all the images I'd taken they weren't as riveting as the 'in the flesh' ones. So I might have another go tomorrow as these have to be good! It could be that the actual pieces arn't as exciting as I think they are and this fact is being shown by the camera lense. One can get a bit blinkered at times with one's own work and a form of tunnel vision sets in. I'm always warning my students about this so perhaps I'd better be vigilant and take my own advice.

This weekend I'll overdye some of the pieces and that will give me more depth and variety. With this lovely weather I think I'll do some dye painting on the grass. I have some half metre lengths of fabric already prepared having been washed, treated and dried. I have a length of glass that would be good for mono-printing. And outside I can spray to my heart's content without finding it week's later on the chairs and curtains! Given my rathers I'd be dyeing every day! Please forgive any spelling mistakes and put it down to the wine. I have wine so rarely that it tends to go to my head. And one glass at that! (Big grin!)

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