Friday, July 08, 2005

Had a bad night feeling sick so took the afternoon off work and spent most of the day in bed. I hate not feeling well. I think this was due to a bad avocado which I was the only one to eat. It looked OK at the time but when I checked the other half I noticed it had a brown spot! Whatever it made me feel really bad! So this afternoon I felt really guilty about not going to work and eventually emerged from my bed of pain and planned out my applique for my nine patch wall hanging. These flower and leaf shapes will be joined by stems and tendrils done in bias strips. I'm quite pleased with it so far. The quilt base was so quick to put together but I rather think the applique may take longer. I enjoy doing applique by machine. This one I'll do 'hand applique by machine' techniques just to try them out but usually I use satin or blanket stitch. Much quicker! I'm nearly finished a leaf applique quilt. I've really enjoyed doing it. It is the same kinds of pattern as I made my sister's cushions in. Anyway at least I can feel now that I didn't totally waste the day. I'm going to try growing the avocado pip and see if I can get it to sprout. The seed is so awesome to look at and it seems terrible to just throw it away. I am not keeping to my list of things to do which is very demoralising. Friday should be for making up fabric packs for CQ especially as I am totally out of stock. I must keep to my schedule a bit or I'm going to end up with no time to do things. I can identify with Lisa from She isn't keeping up her lists either! Its always nice to know that others arn't perfect too! But at least she's losing weight which is more than I am though after today I might have lost a pound or two! She said hopefully!

I am very impressed with the way my garden is growing on its own. Lots of colour and not a bit of earth to be seen. I have a feeling that in the early part of the year...around April time...I planted some lettuce seeds but as I have now completely forgotten where there isn't a hope in Hades of actually finding them. That's if the slugs haven't eaten them. The rest of my seeds are doing well and the nasturtiums are actually in flower. A lovely intense red that I wish I could get with my dyeing. I come close but don't get quite that clean sharp colour. Oh well something to aim for!

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