Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Couldn't stay away!

Went shopping at Asda tonight. Since they started opening 24 hours we do this every Tuesday evening as it saves ruining a day shopping. As soon as I got back and put everything away I was upstairs in my workroom rummaging for bits for the leaf project. Found some lovely gold mesh and some crinkly gold organza in two shades of gold. Plus some sheets of gold metal from tomato puree tubes. These will be a real asset as they sew well and add another dimension. I might even bake them in the oven first to give them a luminescent look. And I dragged out one of the pieces of rayon I heat treated during my play day that Lisa originated. It is just right for what I want.
These are some of the bits I've got out to audition for the piece tomorrow. I've already stuck a few pieces of gold mesh onto it and the difference is amazing. I shall start on some stitching tomorrow and let it speak to me and then I'll know what else to add. I've decided that the left side needs chopping off. It's unbalanced at the moment. Of course it could always have a wavy edge...................mmm, have to think about that. Well off to drink a glass of wine and cogitate!

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