Thursday, July 21, 2005


Well having done nothing but think about this wall hanging for the last three days I can now start to lead a normal life again. I added some net and tulle. Some of the net I cut out as leaf shapes and put partly over some of the leaf shapes and then over it all I put a ragged diagonal of tulle. Just tulle, no embroidery on it. Then I stitched and stitched to give shape and form, and to hold bits down. So its finished! Well its as finished as it will ever be. It has taken approximately five hours of actual physical sewing and most of my life in the last few days in thought and introspection. I have even been dreaming about it! And yes I think I like it. Though from the paucity of comments it would appear that no one else is terribly impressed with it! My husband liked it before I did anything to it! So be it! I needed to do it. I did it and now having given birth to it I can go back to my everyday basic existence. However it has fired me with enthusiasm for fusing and the next piece I do will have more pre-planning and thought and probably take longer than five hours to execute. This was very much a spur of the moment thing to satiate a need to experiment.

Now I shall go and make coffee, have lunch and go to work. I am very disappointed that the book I ordered from Amazon hasn't arrived. On the QA list someone had at the bottom of their post Read my Book! Its called Hold Back Time and is supposed to be a mystery. As it was less than £5 I decided to buy it but it hasn't arrived yet even though Amazon said they posted it Monday! Wail!

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