Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dyeing Day!

Saturday is dyeing day! Well I do dye on other days too but always on Saturdays. This is because my husband is out all day and evening and I have the house to myself. This is good because then I don't have to stop to make meals or just have a cup of coffee etc etc. I really love dyeing. It fulfills a need in me to play with colour and create my own rainbows. This time I have some wonderful soft Egyptian cotton which while not mercerised is wonderful to work with and comes out of the final rinse off with a gently old look. Well that doesn't describe what I mean at all...its one of those things you'd have to see. But I like it and so apparantly do others! It makes wonderful cot quilts because of its softness. I shall be sorry when its all used up as I don't know if I'll be able to get any more. I shall overdye most of what I've done today so far, especially the mercerised cotton poplin. I love mercerised fabric as the colours are so clear and sharp when dyed. I'm just taking a break while it all sits in its pots reacting with the dye. Last week I dye-painted the fabric and was really pleased with the results. Must have been OK because they went like hot cakes. The week before I did a load of mandelas and had to force myself to let them go as I coveted them so much. This week I am purposefully dyeing for myself and hoping I'll like what I've done! These are the base fabrics for the sampler quilt I have to make. I have decided to go with pink/green and blue with bits of yellow. The blue and green I've done in two values- light and dark. My other colour combo was going to be orange/blue and green with bits of red print. I've dyed some orange just in case I have a change of heart before I actually start cutting anything out. It will be a relief to actually start so that I can stop changing my mind on the colours! I printed off six different colourways and got my husband, my mother and my best friend to all comment and say which one they liked best hoping to get a majority somewhere. Well they all liked a different one and none of them choose the colourway that I liked! So what does that tell me! I shall just throw the fabrics in a heap and go with the heap that flows! Why can't I have a clear cut mind! Because I'm a gemini that's why! Of course the other answer might be to make two or even three quilts but I think that is carrying it to extremes!

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