Sunday, June 05, 2005

Where does all the time go?

Here it is almost bed time and I don't seem to have achieved an awful lot. The morning was spent doing samples using a wing needle in my Artista. I got quite involved with this as it was interesting to see the different effects that could be achieved on different fibres. And the Venetian stitch looked really good with two lines of thin cording down each side. I used a Perle 8 in matching colour and the effect was good. I have a few crazy patchwork blocks that I want to put together to make a table runner. I'm thinking I will edge them with velvet and hemstitch the turned edges. Just another small thing to add to my growing list of things to do.

And then this afternoon I decided that the sampler quilt I'd got designed in EQ5 could probably look better in different colours. This is one project that HAS to be up and running and soon! September and the new term will be here before I can blink. I remember when I was also doing City and Guilds classes in Patchwork and Embroidery that I had such a rush over the summer to get all the samples for class done and my notebooks up to date for PWD. If my students had known what a panic I could be in the week before they wouldn't have believed it! Its a good job that ideas come easily and I work quickly. So to get back to the sampler quilt I've changed its colours from blue/orange/green with hints of red and yellow to blue(two shades of)/pink(bright)/green with hints of yellow. I must get the fabric dyed and scanned in then I can see what it will really look like and see if I still like it. Once I'm happy with it then I can start churning out the blocks and writing up the accompanying notes. I have said that I won't teach City and Guilds classes again because of the amount of work they entail but I rather feel that some of the students I have now want to progress to C & G!

Then I played around with a picture a student gave me of a yacht which she wants digitised. Unfortunately she only has auto-designer and this isn't the nicest of pictures. Easy to do from scratch but too many fiddly bits for auto. But we will see what we can do. I am also digitising a bathtub to go with the Mabel Lucy Atwell poem...Please remember, don't forget! Never leave the bathroom wet.....etc etc. Have been wanting to make a wall plaque of this for ages. Have found the most delicious picture of bathtub and infant in it from an autograph album of my aunt's from the '30's. It is in true Mabel Lucy Atwell style too! I am not going to find it easy to digitise as it is very old and tatty. Will probably have to trace it and start from scratch.

Anyway all these things took up more time than I imagined and soon the day will be over and then it's back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness I only work part-time. I'd get with drawal symtoms if I couldn't play in my workroom for at least half the day!

I shall put some eye candy up for the Crazy Quilters. Its a block I did for Rita many moons ago.

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