Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The End of the Day!

After all my searching I realised that the photos I wanted were in the attic so this will entail a lot of work accessing the attic. The trouble with going there is that not only is it a pain having to drag the ladder out and fix up the lamp but also I get side-tracked and have a tendency to bring more stuff down with me to add to the clutter. After not having seen it for months a piece can have a fatal fascination and seem like new! After all that will power in removing it to create more space I'm now undoing it all. So I must choose a time to get these photos when I'm feeling strong willed. In fact I think they are in my mother's attic which is better as there is little there to distract me. My poor mother only lives four doors down the road from me and her attic has become an overflow from mine! I'm sure she makes the sign of the cross when she sees me coming with armfuls of stuff!

I feel very virtuous today as I made a cover for my flat screen monitor. I've been going to do this for months but today was the day for doing it! And I digitised an 'I love my computer' motif on it as well! It is a lovely piece of crushed raspberry velvet which I picked up in a charity shop for pence. Not enough to do anything with except make a cover for a flat screen monitor! I love charity shops. I love the excitement of finding something wonderful whether it be clothing, linen or a book. I've collected a lot of embroidered table linen which I'm eventually going to cut up and make into a CQ table cover. These embroideries are too lovely to hide away and it is sad to think of the hours of work that someone put into doing them and then they end up in a charity shop being sold for less than a £. I have even found a Victorian child's bonnet beautifully embroidered with white work and tiny tucks. Too nice to cut up.

Not a very productive day. I did get out a piece of free machine embroidery with the idea of adding to it but the muse wasn't working and it is still sitting by the machine. It is intended to be an album cover for my sister's birthday in July so I shall have to get a move on or else it will be a Christmas present instead! I've got a show coming up at the end of June and though it is mostly for selling my hand-dyed fabric I should have a few other things. So will do some silk ribbon pictures and some machine embroidered stuff. There arn't enough hours in the day, nor days in the month!

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