Sunday, June 12, 2005

Looking through my files I came across this picture. It is a fish that I did on an RR block which belonged I think to Brad from the SRE list. I love using sequins and this gave me every excuse. Especially I like the way this fish is leaping in the air. I am exhausted! It has been a hot sunny day though occasionally overcast and having to iron acres of fabric was very tiring. I felt as if I was in a sauna. But the wonderful sense of achievement is worth it. And I got all my orders packed up and ready to post tomorrow so I think I can say that I have had a very productive day. I've even been able to sit in the garden, enjoy the sun and drink coffee while my other half painted the doors on his Espace. There is something really good about sitting idly while watching someone else work their butt off!

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