Monday, June 06, 2005


I am finding Picasa a wonderful tool. It has found pictures that I didn't know I had. These two CQ block pictures were done on a couple of blocks from a Sea and Shore RR a few years ago. I remember how tedious it was sewing on all the sequins on the mermaids tail. I was really pleased with my block when I got it back as there were some wonderful things on it. I must take some photos. The good thing about finding all this stuff is that when I'm depressed that I haven't achieved an awful lot I can look at all the things I've done and realise that over all it hasn't been that bad! It is the same when I go to visit my Mum and see all the things I've made for her over the years for Christmas, birthday and Mother's Day. I have achieved, just not at the moment!

I had a wasted morning today and then didn't do very much at all. I'm glad to see from reading other people's blogs that I'm not alone in this. If I didn't have a job to go to I think I could probably spend most of the day in bed! Well probably not but I wouldn't make as much use of my time as I do and that isn't much. I have a lovely long list of all the things to do before term starts again. It is exactly 15 weeks which seems a long time but isn't. Two more things got added to the list today. To finish my Baltimore Album quilt and to finish my Leaf Applique quilt. Both are so near to being finished that it would be a shame to let another year go by without doing so. The Leaf Applique quilt especially. I did a couple of the blocks on silk for my sister as a Christmas present turning them into cushions. She was delighted! So I really must get the quilt finished.

This evening I started looking at my new book. Its by Beth Ferrier and called Hand Quilting by Machine. I saw her demonstrate on QNN and was very impressed. It wasn't a new technique but she made it look so easy and I think what got me most was her use of a cuticle stick. So simple and yet something I hadn't thought of. So of course I had to have the book! The quilting channel is good and I have learnt several things from just idly watching. Here is the URL for anyone who is interested. I forget that I have it bookmarked and so only watch it when I remember which is about once a week. Even though I'm on broadband the video is annoying as it will cut out right at an interesting part....usually just as the presenter is explaining the key parts of some instruction or other. These things are sent to try us.....and they do!

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