Sunday, June 12, 2005

The one thing I forget to do is alter the time! So I am always a few hours out even though I have set the thing to Greenwich meantime. It is now 10.30 pm and not 9 something as my previous writing would have you believe. Could be even earlier than that! And I've just noticed that I can alter the font and size etc and put pics in among the writing. Gosh its taken me a whole two weeks to find this out! AND I've got a spell checker! Amazing!

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  1. I am starting a project called The Human Quilt. It's goal is to unite peope from across the world by having them all submit a square to the Human Quilt. Every person has a story, and they can share their story in a square. I was wondering if you would look at the site, and see what you like, and maybe even submit something to it. Thanks a lot. JJ