Sunday, June 19, 2005

another day, another doughnut!

Got up early this morning so that I could overdye the fabric I dyed yesterday. I love overdyeing as the results are so wonderful and exciting because I'm never quite sure of what I'm going to get. Had some quite interesting pieces from yesterday as I made a boo boo. Had to answer the doorbell in the middle and in the resulting confusion forgot to add soda ash to the mix for one batch and so when it dawned on me that I hadn't done this I hurriedly added it late. Well I often do this purposefully and thought nothing of it. However I must have been in a rush and not so careful as usual as the result showed that the soda ash hadn't penetrated to all parts and so there were some most interesting shapes and colours. I bet I won't be able to repeat this if I try to do it again! Isn't that always the way! I remember once being in a hurry and microwaving a piece...again something I often do....and being anxious that there should be enough liquid dripping some more dye on top of the crumpled fabric. The result was amazing. Just like an earthquake with fissures of colour fanning out all over. Can I get that effect again. Similar but NOT the same! I just love the accidentals!

The garden is always so lovely first thing in the morning. Dew on the roses and a feeling of freshness. Its going to be a cloudy muggy day but that early morning feeling will keep me going. Love to have my coffee and watch the birds on the bird feeder. We had a tiny wren build a nest in the ivy one year and it was fascinating to watch the progress from nest building to leaving home! She is still around and her old nest is still intact...a real work of art...but I don't know where she is building now. Saw an amazing spider on one of the roses. Never seen a spider like this before. Thought it was quite small and ordinary until it decided to take a walk! See the pictures above. Had to share this but I might be alone in finding it fascinating.

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