Friday, June 17, 2005

Lazy, hazy days of summer

Except that it isn't down here in Falmouth. Humid and damp with a dark thundery looking sky. Where oh where is our summer. I spoke with my daughter today in London and they are having glorious hot weather. Here it is, almost the longest day and so far no summer to speak of!

Due to my arm being still extremely sore I have achieved little. I have been able to sort my photograph collection which I suppose is something. I would have liked to have sorted out some of my fabric stash but have been forbidden to lift anything remotely heavy and so had to abandon that idea as it is all stored in plastic tubs stacked a mile high. Have had lots of ideas which I have been feverishly writing down in a notebook for future reference. Very frustrating having ideas and not being able to act upon them immediately. Tomorrow is dyeing day and I intend to dye come hell and high water so I hope my arm is feeling better by then! I have run out of navy for the sampler quilt and the following weekend I have a table at a show at a local craft fair so will need to add to my stock for that. I am not sure that it is the ideal venue for my wares but it will be a good place to network and promote my classes. I shall have to be strong and not buy more than I sell!

I am not sure whether I write this weblog for myself or for the interest of others. I do know that it focuses the mind really well and works as an aide memoire and a poke in the ribs! Also I suppose I am sufficiently vain that I'd like to share what I'm doing with a wider audience than just me. So on the sharing basis I'll look out a picture or two! But then again it could be that my ramblings are of no account to anyone but myself. Very hard to tell but I shall continue anyway as I enjoy doing so!


  1. Hi Valeri,

    Sometimes I think I’m talking to myself out here in the cybersphere, too – but that’s okay. I thought about blogging (and read other blogs) for over a year before I could bring myself to actually begin, and now I can’t imagine “not blogging.” You are right when you say it “focuses the mind” and acts as a “poke in the ribs.” Writing about a project really helps me to commit to finishing it.
    I enjoy reading your blog and do hope your arm feels better…


  2. Get better SOOOOOOON, we want to see more sewing projects! We are out here, faithful readers but scarce commenters :-)

  3. I read your blog every day and am sad when you don't post. I enjoy seeing and hearing what you're up to.