Monday, June 27, 2005

Tired and exhausted!

Thunder all night and then hot and humid during the day! Didn't get anything done but my kind man at the fabric depot sent me samples of just the fabric I use and so I was able to order a roll of it. And it was a good price! Better and better. Was one of those days. The council were re-surfacing our road which is an estate with one only entry to the main road. In their infinite wisdom they put up a notice saying: 'Resurfacing...long delays. Please find an alternative route!' fly? So I left early for work to take into account the long delays only to find that they hadn't started and were standing around drinking tea! Typical! As if I wanted to be at work early! Then this evening I had to cut up a 100 metre roll of stabiliser for my students. It was like fighting with an octopus and unlike fabric there was no drape so it was stiff and unweildy. Actually as stabilisers go it is very soft and pliable but not when trying to unwind half of it and re-fold! So now I am all hot and bothered and I've done next to nothing creative all day! I haven't even got a good book to read! Oh yes, there was one highlight in the day. The postman brought me a package from one of my American friends and it was the A4 paper cutter for cutting prepared fabric and freezer paper for putting through the printer when printing pictures onto fabric. Boy this sure is bright! Its luminescent yellow! Certainly won't get lost in a hurry. But I'm so glad that it has finally come as I have been wanting to print some pictures and things and now I can. Well I could before but having a tool to do something with will give me the incentive to actually do it! I want to make a memory quilt for my Mum. Just one more thing to add to the long list of things to do. Time, give me time!

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