Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Getting ready to play

I have been collecting things ready for my play day tomorrow. I'm going to work mainly in plastic I think as I haven't used plastic for years. Having been a City & Guilds tutor in textiles of various kinds there isn't a lot I haven't done in my years of teaching but it will be exciting to go back to different raw materials of a non fabric kind. Was rummaging in the waste bins at work looking for different wrapping materials. I've already got a lovely bit of green which was round a toner cartridge. Actually plastic is one commodity it isn't hard to get hold of. I'm going to cut up some plastic water bottles and make 'icicles' in the oven. And retrieve one of the sacks I'm carrying around in the boot of my car for want of anywhere better to keep them. These are lovely brown hessian sacks with quite tight weaving - will be fun to distress them. Ooh I'm getting quite excited! Might even have to start tonight. Now where did I put my heat gun!

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