Monday, June 20, 2005

at the end of the day....

After a most disastrous day everything is coming out OK. I've got the blog sorted with sidebars and logo's in place after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and ended up with a pink blog! Well I like pink and it's my favourite colour so I'm not complaining. My dyed pieces from yesterday are still scrumptious in my eyes and I have winkled out three that I feel I might not part with. Its a pity that the pictures arn't nearly as good as the real thing. They are all 100% cotton poplin evn though a couple of the pictures are a bit grainy. Tonight I did some lace on my sewing machine. Primarily butterflies. I wanted to test that I could take a design (one I'd digitised myself) and match it up so that I could do endless repeats. I have in mind to use a design of ivy leaves as a scrolling quilting pattern round a border of a quilt. The butterfly is free standing and can be attached just in the middle so that it hovers over applique flowers. I used Madeira FS/2 metallic in black and silver which is lovely to work with as it doesn't often break and is slightly thicker. I could see this on lingerie as well as quilts and things.

I managed to find a piece of lovely green plastic paper at work today. It will be ideal for whatever I'm going to do for Lisa's play day/week. I can't wait to get started but first I have to get tomorrow's class over and then grab a bit of time before I have to collect everything together for Saturday's show. I'm looking forward to doing something creative that doesn't have £ signs written all over it! Too much of what I do has commercial overtones! Needs must when the devil drives as I have no doubt said before but it is fun to play occasionally.

And today I ate the first strawberry from the garden. They are so late but the day was sunny and there was a strawberry, red and juicy. Delicious! The poor garden has had to do a lot of looking after itself this year but its doing OK and I am well pleased with it. Lots of lovely colour and not many weeds. The comfrey is definitely related to the Triffids! It is now 7ft tall! It says in the book a height of 4ft. Well this one can't read or it would have stopped growing! Its cottage name is Knit Bone and I have to say that a poultice of mashed up comfrey leaves is very soothing on torn muscles etc. And then that poultice makes a good garden compost! So even if it grows to 10ft I shall feel I have to keep it! It has the most fascinating thick square stem. I might use it as inspiration for my play day piece as the textures and shapes are extremely interesting.

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