Saturday, June 18, 2005

to dye or not to dye.....

Today is dyeing day and like the laws of the Medes and Persians cannot be changed! So bad arm or not to dye we go! Firstly though a trip into Falmouth with my friend Sue. This is a regular weekly happening which we both enjoy as it allows us to unwind after a busy week, have coffee, chat and rummage in the charity shops. I was, for me, very restrained and bought nothing. No I tell a lie. I bought a cup stand for 50p because I could see that it would be extremely useful in my workroom for hanging scissors and tools on. I am always losing my small scissors and this will I hope make this a thing of the past. Being wood it should be quite stable. Now I am waiting for my fabric, the lovely Egyptian cotton, to scour in the washing machine. I should have done this last night but forgot. I shall no doubt be working at midnight...but hey, what's new! While waiting for Sue I threw together 36 nine patch blocks and was impressed at the speed with which they went together. I could become hooked on nine patch quilts! Tomorrow morning I will put them together to make a 36" throw. I might put one way sashing in, or plain squares to make it a rectangle rather than a square. This is my biggest problem. I can't just do something! I have to see several ways of doing it and then often end up doing none of them and voila another UFO. Better go and mix the dyes. Some navy and yellow and then from that some lovely deep sagey greens. I'm beginning to drool at the mouth. I really do love colour ....almost as good as cream cakes. Better in fact as it doesn't add any pounds!

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