Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pushed the wrong button! Its amazing how time slips away from one. I decided to wind some skeins of cotton that my daughter brought me back from Thailand a few years ago. They are lovely colours and I kept feeling bad that they weren't being used but never got round to doing anything with them. However the orange one will be brilliant for quilting my cat quilt which is in pale oranges and blues. I had forgotten how tedious winding off skeins could be and how time consuming. What was going to be a quick half hour turned into nearly and hour and a half. But I'm pleased I've done it. The threads are lovely and really bright colours. They are thicker than ordinary cotton thread so will stand out nicely. I must do a sample to see how they work out. Must think of something delicious to use the pink ones on. Pink is probably my favourite colour of all time. Especially bright fuchsia pink! The Thai ladies, and possibly men, use these threads to do a kind of mola work. Two fabrics are put together and then the design is cut and turned and sewn using these threads. Not the best of descriptions. But the work is very effective. I can't remember where I put the samples I have or I would scan a piece. They will turn up eventually. Everything does; usually when I'm looking for something else.

Well I'm going to chill out now and watch a DVD. Rest and relaxation! Val

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