Sunday, June 26, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Had a lovely lazy Sunday and did very little. Played with some dyeing of threads and lace and made a very simple block for the sampler quilt. Well simple as in it only has two colours but was a curved pattern and I wanted to try out my new Curve Master foot. Which was OK but not spectacular! However now that I've got one block done I'll get on now with the rest. Need to think what backing I want and dye the fabric as I'm going to do quilt as you go so will need the backing pdq! I don't dye threads and stuff that often so was fun doing this. I loved the way the different types of fibre took the dye differently especially the threads with multi fibres in them. Then after lunch we went to P C World and I bought a roller ball mouse. This will be much better for my arm which is still giving me gyp! We had icecreams on the way back and it was just like a holiday even though we only went to Truro which is less than 12 miles away. But it was an outing! I really should get on with the applique piece and stick some more fabric to freezer paper. This seems to be quite an intensive technique so it could be that I'll go back to my old method of stitching round everything with either satin stitch or blanket stitch. I don't have any problems with using Bondaweb so this might be the way I go in future. I don't have time for too many refinements in the sewing process. Its amazing how quickly the weekends go. The time flies by and then before you know it Monday has come round again! But I'm going up to London on Wednesday night on the sleeper so it will be a short week. I'm going to spend five days with my daughter and have a break. Will be able to go to her local market and buy superb silks and sari materials from an Indian lady who has a stall there. And lovely laces, braids and motifs. And my daughter tells me there is a very large car boot on Sundays up there so who knows what treasures I'll find. Hope the days go quickly until Wednesday but bet they don't!

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