Monday, June 27, 2005


Well suddenly found the upload picture button! This will be so much quicker to use and can be inserted at a relevant point in whatever I'm writing. This is just a test sample. The sample picture is of a Crazy Patchwork armchair tidy. I did this as a kit some years ago and it went really well. It was easy to do and very effective. The pale blue quilted background is hand-dyed silk dupion and I used a pale blue hand-dyed linen on the back (not shown) so that it wouldn't slip on the arm of a chair. The binding is a grosgrain ribbon folded in half. It makes a nice edging. I might even resurrect this kit and see how it goes.

I'm pleased I've found this facility. I wonder if there is anything else that might be useful. Will have to trawl around!


  1. Well, it works, AND you can click for a bigger image. Now you've mentioned it, I'm going to go and find it! Thanks for the tip. Nice patchwork.

  2. Okay, now I feel really silly. Where presicsely is this upload picture button?

    P.S. Love your blog :-)

  3. Lisa its on the page where you create your blog. I hadn't bothered to look at the icons at the top of the page so didn't realise I could change font, size, colour and insert pictures. Its good. Go look!