Sunday, June 05, 2005

Nappy liners

Caitlin wanted to know what a nappy liner looked like. Well here is a scan. Nappy liners are very flimsy and translucent but also very strong and not easily torn. Which is great if you want to draw and colour on them. Wax crayons or Markal paintsticks work wonderfully well. Don't be light handed! You need lots of colour or you will have very little to show at the end. When you've coloured and added bits of foil ( the kind you iron off) then place your nappy liner face up on the base fabric. I like to use a silicon ironing sheet; the kind you can buy in Asda for cake baking. Then iron with a really hot iron until the nappy liner starts to degrade. You can let it degrade a lot or a little. Stop ironing when you have the effect you want. As it degrades it melts into the fabric giving a rough texture. Keep peeping beneath the ironing sheet and be warned that if you go to far the nappy liner totally disintegrates and you don't get the lovely nubbly texture. You can also grate wax slivers on top of the nappy liner for more texture and colour. Writing about this makes me want to go off and do some!

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