Friday, June 10, 2005

Following the list.

Was really productive today. Well the part of the day that was mine and I didn't have to exchange for earning money. I have been so well organised and planned my week with what I think I'll do in all my free time and today for the first time I actually looked at the list and did what it said. I felt such a sense of achievement instead of the gloomy feeling that I'd wasted my time and done nothing of any importance. I sat and sewed the binding onto my cat quilt while having coffee with my Mum and I put a whole load of patterns away in their rightful places so I know I'll be able to find them again. The cat quilt is one that I'm making for my small grand-daughter Fenella who is 2. It is approximately 36 inches square but this doesn't please my daughter as she wanted it to fit Fenella's bed but I'm not making it as a bed quilt but as a snuggle quilt. Something she can carry around; wrap herself up in; sit on and play; etc etc. It started out as a sample of a pattern I was doing in class where the FQ's are stacked and then cut and re-arranged and then twisted and sewn so that a secondary pattern is formed. It is in turquoise and a gently orange. I love those two colours. And then I had the idea of putting cats on it. I used a buttonhole stitch to applique these on. And last but not least I machine embroidered a tiny mouse in one corner because I think it will amuse Fen. So all I have to do now is machine quilt and it is finished. I have planned to do that this weekend so all things being equal that is what I'll do.

I shall go and take a picture while I think about it.

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