Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I still felt miserable when I woke up this morning but by lunchtime I was recovered sufficiently to go to work. I felt this was very heroic of me! This was a very good start though to doing a detox as I ate very sparingly and cut out the dairy stuff and the coffee. In fact nothing at all in the morning and then peppermint tea and water biscuits. I need to lose some weight and I need to go through my wardrobe and drawers and clear out stuff. It seems to be the season for this with everyone doing it either by choice (Diane) or by accident a la Mrs Mel! This has become acutely necessary as I cannot remove anything from the wardrobe without several other garments coming with it or falling off their hangers. Stacked to the gunnals is how it is, whatever that may mean! I've always wondered about that phrase yet it is one I often use. I know what I mean by it but how did it come to be a household phrase in the first place. Most strange. So I have determined a big clear out once this weekend is over.
I am very pleased with the pieces of fabric I dyed yesterday morning. They are superb and quite yummy. And I shall cut them up with gay abandon for the postcard swap that is being organised by Lisa. I'm quite excited about this and the hardest part for me will be not posting pictures until they are received by the recipients. So I shan't even talk about them again until I have sent them off. Which is why I'm not posting pictures of this particular batch of fabric.
Feeling weak and feeble for most of the day meant I didn't do an awful lot. I took a few pictures in the garden to use for future inspiration. I thought these gazanias were absolutely gorgeous. I do love orange. And I love the brown marks at the bottom of the petals. I have had a bad year with regard to nasturtiums. Normally they grow like weeds but this year they have struggled to do anything. This was one lone flower with a couple of buds promising more to come - I hope! And last but not least the lovely soft colours of the hydrangea. This is an amazing plant because where it is planted under the trees the flower heads turn from greeny/white to an amazing turquoise blue but a cutting planted in another part of the garden is this soft mauvey pink colour. I want to get some of the macrofilia (not sure if I've spelt that right) type where the flower heads are round a central open part not like the lace caps that I've got here. I love hydrangeas because they don't mind the salty winds we get and they go on blooming right up until Christmas and beyond. The older blossoms look good at Christmas sprayed with gold and silver car spray paint. In fact I use car spray paint for lots of things, and especially for hangings as it slightly stiffens the fabric as well. The only down side to it is the smell. It is gross! So I have to use it outside which is why I have a gold fence and several silver tree trunks!


  1. Valeri, glad you are feeling better.

    I love hydrangeas, too. You will find that your blue flowers are growing in more acidic soil than your pinkish ones.

  2. Thank you for telling me this Conni. I did wonder whether the soil was the catalyst.