Friday, August 19, 2005


I am feeling full of virtue as I went and finished the last block for the sampler quilt. I took my time and didn't try and rush and it went together like a piece of cake! So now I have to do the quilting on the blocks and then put them together with sashing. The feeling is wonderful as I have nothing hanging over me now!

The DVD wasn't as good as Changing Places but was good enough! The glass of white helped! In fact two glasses helped even more!

Also I packed up packages to post tomorrow so I am on top of all orders plus I was actually able to find birthday cards that I'd bought months ago which I need for tomorrow. How good can that be!

So my day has been a bit like the curate's egg. Good in parts! Tomorrow I have to make a start on doing the accounts. As always I am almost at the eleventh hour but as always I expect I'll just scrape by in time. But now I can go to bed with a clear conscience having done this last block! And its very similar to the one I gave up on in disgust so I feel much better about it now. Life's too short to anguish over things.

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