Friday, August 12, 2005


Well I've played with the half finished postcard. Its now finished but as for starting on the cleaning and clearing I am now procrastinating! I know I'll leave it all until tomorrow! I'm that kind of person. I'm going to a quilt show in the morning with Sue and we'll meet up with quilty fiends and have coffee and cake and a jolly good time. Then after lunch I'll start to panic and rush madly around until I have a clean, tidy, sparkling house. I'll feel really limp and will start cooking in the evening! I know because I've done it before. Its how I operate even though each time I say I'll be better organised the next time! Why do I do this to myself! Am I a glutton for punishment? On the other hand I could suddenly get the call and start clearing out and still be going at 4 in the morning when Martin comes home! I could! Well I suppose I'd better start looking at what's to be done even if I don't actually do anything immediately. Its like being at school again and leaving the summer holiday project to the last week; no not even the last week. Heck! The last day! I haven't improved in all those years so there is no hope for me now! LOL

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