Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fun, fun, fun!

I spent the morning playing in my workroom. Well that is after I'd been into Falmouth to go to the bank. Discovered treasures that I'd forgotten I'd got. Under my window bench I have a two drawer chest which supports the bench. I use this bench for ironing on and never think to look underneath it and so didn't trouble myself with the contents of the drawers. Oh I knew vaguely what was there but not in detail. Well wowee when I looked I found I had LOTS of Angelina and some foil and some disperse crayons plus lots of net and scrim. In fact a real treasure trove of things for adding to postcards. Plus some silk waste in lots of gorgeous colours and some silk paper that I made some time ago. All this stuff will be really useful and I have promised myself a whole morning tomorrow playing with it! I have so many ideas that it will be hard to know where to start.

The postcard I sent Caroline in London arrived there this morning and wasn't at all damaged or distressed. So I am feeling fairly confident in sending postcards through the mail now. Fenella (my grand-daughter) was delighted as the stamp had a picture of a motor bike on it and she is into motor bikes at the moment. Well at two and a half it is easy to be pleased with most things! Any day now she is due to have a baby brother or sister. Caroline is getting quite fed up with the waiting as she is huge! Any day now. The due date is August 8th.

I sat out in the sun this evening when I returned home from work and I am feeling a bit light headed now. While sitting there I was wondering where I would be in five years time. Five years ago I was just back from a teaching stint in America and feeling on top of the world. I'd left Martin on his own for six weeks and he got into a real muddle with using Excel in my absence to do the accounts. Now he can build and repair computers with no problems. He still can't use Excel though! Grin. In the intervening five years I've grown creatively and have more idea of what I am trying to achieve. I've been back to America and taught in France. My dyeing is now a large part of my life. What will I be doing in five years? What will the next five years hold? Who knows! I don't normally go in for retrospection. Its probably the wine! I think it will be an early night. LOL

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  1. I have missed reading the blogs for the last few nights and especially prolific...what wonders to see...even better if I wait a few days and then see multiple best to your daughter on the impending delivery..although I always found that to be the easy part of mothering....Ginger