Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Last minute!

This is a last minute post to thank you all for your good wishes. I'm not worried about the weather as it is just so nice to be going away together. We haven't had a holiday in over two years so this will be a real treat. Trouble is like all holidays taken in England, and Scotland, is that one packs clothes for every imaginable kind of weather. So I have flimsy hot weather gear, woolly jumpers for the cold weather...probably ice and snow, and wet weather gear for the rain! Plus lots of changes in case one makes a big mistake in the morning when dressing and then gets drenched or frozen! Or burnt, but that is least likely. I may get eaten alive by gnats my sister now tells me! But I'm really looking forward to it all in spite of small beasties or nasty weather. I shall take lots of photos and I've taken my sketch book and pencils with me. How dedicated is that! So I hope you'll all miss me (lol) and I'll be back at the beginning of September!

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