Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tidying Up

All that effort and really it is hard to tell that I have done anything! I'm talking about weeding my wardrobe of all extra-aneous clothing. I dragged everything out and piled it on the bed in colour groups. Is that anal or is it organised? Well it worked for me as I was able to audition each piece and find things that would work with it. I began to feel like one of those make over programmes. It would have been nice to have had someone else to do all this work. Tedious, especially the trying on to make sure that I could actually get into the article in question. I was good about tossing the really small stuff but anything that I could make meet round me was in if I liked it as I can lose a pound or two and know that they will fit. I filled a black plastic bin liner - a large one - and started putting stuff back. I had loads of hangers over but still the wardrobe is full! In fact I wonder how I got it all in to begin with. My dream was to have space on the rail so that I could move things around. Not this time. I did get rid of loads of shoes and there is now floor space so that is good. I couldn't get rid of the biker boots which I bought in a thrift store when I first visited the States. The buckle has Zodiac Angels written on it! There are 'silver' bits on the toes and the heels as well. They are too cool! I see myself as a 90 year old granny wearing these! LOL

I have found clothing that I had forgotten I had and also some silk things that will be good for cutting up for fabric. Not that I need more fabric but one can never have enough silk.

I'm sorry my posts have recently been shoe orientated but I have to admit that I haven't been doing anything creative. I am going through a small crisis which I will expound on later when I am hopefully through it! But this week I've not felt at all motivated to do anything other than read books. I have also got to organise this luncheon on Sunday and that is hanging over me rather. The weather forecast says sunny so all my fingers are crossed as this means we can be al fresco in the garden! I'm reading a book by Mary Higgins Clarke at the moment called Second Time Around. It is quite riveting!


  1. Val I must say I love those boots.
    hmmmm what size are they ? hehheh

    I wanted to ask you if you are going to be going to val d'argent in september in france?

    I am going to go and meet up with Dijanne from australia.

    It should be a blast.


  2. They are a size 6 and they are mine, all mine! lol

    No I'm not going to Val d'Argent in September as I'm going to Scotland to visit my son. Sounds as if you will have fun. Wish I was going. Perhaps next year!

  3. Way cool boots!
    Definitely keepers!!

  4. The blog ring shoe addicts are salavating over those boots. Now all we need are leather pants and you have the perfect ensemble. Keep your eyes on those shoes...we may be able to cook up some spell to get them in our hot little hands.