Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saturday All Day!

Names for the baby could be Oliver or could be Fergus! With Jared also as a possibility! So could be Ollie, Gus or Jay! I had a great uncle Gus and he was the black sheep of the family except that no one would tell me what he had done to deserve this title! We were trying to think what Gus was short for and of course it is Augustus. Could Fergus be a tad better than Augustus?

Was thinking about recent comments on the blog that I am a perfectionist and overly hard on myself or words to that effect. No I don't think I am, as lazy slut comes more to mind when trying to describe myself! (Big grin) Its just that if I'm doing something creative I like to give of my best. I know I don't agonise over samples I do for class if they don't come up perfect. I use them as good learning curves as to what not to do! And also my students enjoy seeing that I too can make mistakes. Makes me seem human. Well actually I am human so what do they mean by this! LOL So this led me to think deeply about me and my creative life. And the conclusions I've come to are these. That I don't have a lot of time due to the fact that I need to earn a regular sum of money each week and therefore have a part-time job. That I try and stretch that time to the limit and if I'm honest with myself I try to do too much and too varied a range of things. I really ought to concentrate more on less. The only thing I do with true dedication is dye! I can dye in my sleep! I know that I AM a good teacher. I am innovative and flexible and I can teach on a wing and a prayer as well as by the book with lists and plans etc etc. My classes are fun and students learn more than they originally realise. They keep coming back for more so can't be bad! Give me a book and I can teach anything. Well not rocket science! There are limits to my wonderfulness! lol So what have I learnt from all that introspection? That I need to organise myself so that I only do the things I really really want to do. The trouble is that what I really want to do today isn't what I will really be wanting to do next week. So as you were. I'm stuck with life as it is. I shall go on trying to do too much and agonising over things that don't make me feel I've done my best. What the heck! If I'm having fun does it matter? Life's too short!
I'm still ironing out ribbon. I have a growing pile of lovely silk ribbons ready for organising for selling. Now this is labour intensive and I am seriously thinking of stopping doing this especially as I find it hard getting supplies of ribbon. I have already stopped dyeing and selling threads as the return didn't reflect the effort and costs involved. So now I just do a small amount for me.
Tried to insert some pictures but it didn't work! So will have to try Picasa. And then I'm off to dye! Did some amazing pieces yesterday evening! Don't know if I'll be able to part with them!

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