Saturday, August 13, 2005

What a wonderful morning!

In spite of the rain it was a good morning. We were there at the quilt show soon after opening. This was a small exhibition put on by Falmouth Quilters, a group I helped to start composed at the time of my students and ex-students. They do some lovely work. Due to lack of time I am no longer involved with it but I like to go to their shows and chat and meet folk I won't have seen in an age. This show was held in a local village community centre and as well as the quilts there was also a travelling shop run by Sally Snapes who has the most delightful things; plus food provided by the group members! Lovely home-made cakes! There weren't as many large quilts as there were in previous shows but lots of lovely things to look at. I took some pictures and got permission from several people to actually put their work up on the blog! I'm also going to make a students page on my website and feature work done by my students. This I hope will encourage people to come to my classes. After a local exhibition I always find I get more students in the Autumn term which is good! I ran into several people I hadn't seen in an age and one of them, Karen (pictured above with Sue and not the maker of the pretty piece -that's another Karen!), thought my idea of starting an exhibiting group by invitation only was a good one so I shall continue formulating the idea in my head and get it off the ground. The thing about a group is that it stimulates one to do more and better work and is also a sounding board for ideas. I shall write more about this later. Then after I'd spent money in Sally's shop buying more I need my head looking at?.....we repaired to the coffee room and indulged ourselves with delicious home-made cakes. All in all it was a wonderful morning even though it poured with rain!
Martin was impressed with my furniture moving and clearing up so that was a good sign! He was able to find a cobweb I'd missed so that made him happy too! :-) I now have to continue with the good work and then start the baking. Once I'm started I actually enjoy cooking so this isn't too much of a chore. If it continues to rain tomorrow we will all have to be very friendly but at least there will be stacks to eat! Now to sort out some pictures.

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